What is Faiz-e-Zabaan?
Faiz-e-Zabaan is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of the Urdu language and literature. At present Faiz-e-Zabaan is working on a project called “Shabnaama”, which aims to create a comprehensive database of all news, articles and events published on-line in media concerning the Urdu language and literature.

Why is Faiz-e-Zabaan in English?
Many Urdu speaking people have been educated in English medium schools in which only Urdu has been taught in Urdu. In this sense, paradoxically, Urdu for Urdu speaking people has almost become a foreign language. Faiz-e-Zabaan may eventually encourage an interest in Urdu language and literature among people who are habituated with English more than Urdu.

Who owns Faiz-e-Zabaan?
The project and its website is owned and maintained by “Faiz-e-Zabaan Foundation”. The project is founded and managed by Ray Alif. The items catalogued in full are for non-profit educational purpose only. Faiz-e-Zabaan neither claims the ownership nor the authorship of the catalogued items.

How can I join Faiz-e-Zabaan?
We welcome anyone who wants to join our team. Since this is a non-profit organization, every team member works on a voluntary basis. More than anything else, we need help with cataloguing news and articles. Apart from cataloguing if you are willing to help us with anything else, such as, IT, promotion, managing social media, logo and website design, please indicate your preference in this form.

Is it possible to advertise on Faiz-e-Zabaan?
Faiz-e-Zabaan is an advertisement free space. However, if your product, services or causes are related to the promotion of the Urdu language and literature, we would be happy to promote your products/services on our website. To promote your products and services, click here. To share your events with our readers, click here.

How to contact Faiz-e-Zabaan?
Please get in touch with the team at Faiz-e-Zabaan regarding any questions, comments, reviews or suggestions. The contact details are available on the Contact page.

Who would find the Media Catalogue useful?
Media Catalogue on Faiz-e-Zabaan aims to be the first free electronic resource for providing an extensive database of news and articles published on-line in the media related to the Urdu language and literature. Anyone curious about what is happening in the world of the Urdu language and literature will find this database very useful.

How can I use the Media Catalogue?
The Media Catalogue on Faiz-e-Zabaan is mainly divided into two sections: 1) News on Urdu, and 2) Articles on Urdu. Collectively these two sections provide an extensive collection of news, articles, reviews, and events information related to the Urdu language and literature. These sections provide a user-friendly interface to interact with the database.