The doyen of Urdu ghazals

July 5, 2015

The Hans India — For more than seven decades, one voice brought laurels to the city of the Nizams. People knew this voice by the name Vithal Rao. Born in Hyderabad to a poor family, Vithal Rao started singing from a young age. He was a part of courtly gatherings and later, he garnered accolades for teaching ghazals to his disciples. Many of his students now carry his legacy in Hyderabad and across ۔۔۔

Specially for Jagjit Singh

March 12, 2015

Lalithaa Krishnan — ‘Zikr Tera’ is the latest ghazal album from acclaimed vocalists Roopkumar and Sunali Rathod. “It is our tribute to Jagjit Singh. A gifted artist, he took ghazal, perceived as an elitist genre, to the layman. As a close friend and well wisher, he urged us to carry forward the torch,” says ۔۔۔

انجم شیرازی اور مثنوی مولانا روم

February 9, 2015

روزنامہ پاکستان — لاہور- معروف گلوکار انجم شیرازی نے صوفیانہ کلام پر مبنی اپنی نئی البم ’’رومی‘‘ کے لئے ’’نَے نامہ (اردو)‘‘ کی ریکارڈنگ کرائی ہے۔مثنوی مولانا روم کا منظوم اردو ترجمہ ممتاز شاعر اور فارسی زبان و ادب کے ماہرا زھرمنیر نے نہایت دلکش زبان میں بڑے خوبصورت انداز سے کیا ہے ۔البم میں ’’نَے نامہ‘‘ کے علاوہ 20 حکایات بھی شامل ہونگی جن کی ریکارڈنگ تکمیل کے آخری مراحل میں ہے۔واضح رہے کہ مثنوی کی دھن’بھیرویں‘ میں ہے جو خود انجم شیرازی نے تیار کی ۔۔۔

Mumbai: Experience 100 years of music legend Begum Akhtar

November 30, 2014

Preksha Malu — If you have watched Dedh Ishqiya, you would have heard the famous ‘Hamari Atariya pe Aa jao Sawariya’ which was sung by none other than the queen of ghazal, Begum Akhtar. To commemorate her birth centenary, an event has been organised at Vir Savarkar Auditorium in Dadar on November 30. Titled ‘Kahkashan’, the event will celebrate her compositions in Thumri, Dadra and semi classical hindustani genre, and also have a variety of performances in various languages, where the audience can get to experience Sufiana Kalaam and contemporary Urdu ۔۔۔

Pankaj Udhas’s new album launched online

November 9, 2014

Times of India — Ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas, whose latest album “Khamoshi Ki Aawaz” has been launched exclusively on an on-demand digital entertainment platform, says the collection is dedicated to the finest Urdu poetry and consists of the most subtle and musically sensitive ۔۔۔