Two-day International Literary Conference

July 29, 2015

The News — LAHORE: The two-day International Literary Conference on ‘Thematic Similarities between Pakistani and Chinese literature’ and a grand Mushaira organized by Academy of Letters in collaboration with Ministry of Broadcasting and Information and National Heritage, inaugurated in the provincial metropolis ۔۔۔

UP govt to exhibit “Udru granth” depicting Ram Katha

July 24, 2015

Times of India — LUCKNOW: This one’s all set to be an unconventional exhibition. The culture department of Uttar Pradesh government will host a four-day exhibition featuring Urdu “granth” (religious texts) depicting Ram Kathas – the story of Lord Ram as told in Ramayana — from October 14 to 18 this ۔۔۔

Literary and Cultural activities in Delhi

July 16, 2015

The Statesman — Delhi is abuzz with extensive and well thought out cultural activities, with a Monsoon Festival of dance at the India International Centre on 16 and 17 July, and an extensive Theatre Festival, and a Story Telling Movement. In a very interesting choice of subject, on 16 July, the Monsoon Festival features Purushaakaram: the Male in Bharatanatyam, in the IIC Auditorium at 6.00 pm. with Praveen Kumar from Bangalore, disciple of Guru Smt Narmada and Prof C V Chandrashekar. At 7.00 pm we have Renjith Babu from Chennai, another disciple of Prof C V Chandrasekhar and ۔۔۔

Celebrating the works of Urdu poet Nadi Fazli

June 20, 2015

Daily Pioneer — In a magical evening, Delhi witnessed a perfect blend of literature, music and art. With an aim to depict the synergy between these three creative expressions, the first ever confluence of literature, art and music named Adabi Cocktail was held at Mavlankar Hall, Constitutional Club in the heart of the ۔۔۔

یونیورسٹی آف انجینئرنگ اینڈ ٹیکنالوجی میں سالانہ مشاعرہ

June 17, 2015

نوائے وقت — یونیورسٹی آف انجینئرنگ اینڈ ٹیکنالوجی لاہور میں لٹریری سوسائٹی نے اپنی تاریخی روایات کو لے کر 29 سالانہ مشاعرے کا اہتمام کیا۔ جس کی صدارت نامور شاعر انور مسعود نے کی جبکہ دیگر شعراء میںامجد اسلام امجد، عباس تابش، اسلم کولسری، شاہین عباس، ادریس بابر، شاہد ذکی، حمیدہ شاہین، شناور اسحاق، شہزاد نیر ، علی زریون، رحمان فارس، امبرین صلاح الدین، عزیز فیصل، فہد احمد سوز، مدثر عظیم، ناصر حسین سیال، نعیم اللہ انمول، فیضان ہاشمی اور نصر اللہ حارث شامل ۔۔۔

Love of Urdu brings Dubai expats together

June 14, 2015

The National — DUBAI: Once a month, a group of about 50 Pakistanis and Indians meets in an attempt to sustain the Urdu language. By reciting and discussing traditional Urdu poems, the group called Bazm-e Sukhan (gathering of poetry), is growing in popularity despite the fact that most of the members, including its founder, cannot read or write the ۔۔۔