Umrao Jaans, Nawabs liven up Ludhiana’s kitty parties

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Times of India

LUDHIANA: Kitty parties in the city are known for their unique themes. This time around Ludhianvis came up with the theme called Shaam-e-Awadh where the attire and decor for the party was inspired from the movie Umrao Jaan.

The girls were dressed in anarkali suits, while the boys opted for Pathanis. Talking about the party, Siya and Tarun Kapoor, the hosts, said: “We chose this theme as it was quite unique and never tried before. Low sitting, colourful cushions, hukka, candles, all were part of the theme. Everyone attending the party felt like being part of the Mughal era.”

Nitasha and Anuj Narang, a couple from Chandigarh Road, said: “The theme brought us to the party as we had never heard of it before. The best part was the way they welcomed us. It was a fresh and spectacular experience. The games at the party were also according to the theme.”

Atam Nagar’s Himanshi and Mohit Gandhi were awarded as the best dressed couple. “It felt great to be the prize of best dressed couple as a lot went in to get ready for the party. Talking in Urdu with our fellow participants was also a refreshing change.”

Music an integral and important part of any party was also according to the theme. The gifts and ittar bottles (perfume) were specially ordered from Lucknow for the party.

The food, too, had the people talking as they had kebabs, biryani and much more on the menu. And to top it all, was variety of paans (betel leaf) that replaced the usual desserts.

Times of India, “Umrao Jaans, Nawabs liven up Ludhiana’s kitty parties,” in Times of India, July 28, 2015. Accessed on July 28, 2015, at:

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