Urdu play ‘Birjees Qadar ka Kunba’ to be staged

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After making a hit performance at the 25th Iftekhar Theatre Fest, Trikarshi group is back with its Urdu play ‘Birjees Qadar ka Kunba.’ Directed by a noted theatre director of the city KG Trivedi, the play would be staged for two days at Antarang Hall, Bharat Bhavan. The first show of the two day theatre fest would be held here on Tuesday and second would be held on Wednesday. Birjees Qadar Ka Kunba is a classic saga of repression, rebellion, love, rivalry between the siblings and also loyalty, intrigue, betrayal, the different faces of conceit as shown by the various characters at different times, the depravity and the divinity of lust, a struggle between the natural instincts of man and the boundaries imposed by society, the dominion and suppression of woman over woman, the likes of which have seldom been seen on stage yet. Featuring an all female cast, this play is much more than just a play about women. It is the depiction of human within, often being inhuman and sometimes act like an animal.

Nyooz, “Urdu play ‘Birjees Qadar ka Kunba’ to be staged,” in Nyooz, July 28, 2015. Accessed on July 28, 2015, at: http://www.nyoooz.com/bhopal/161462/urdu-play-birjees-qadar-ka-kunba-to-be-staged

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