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The University of Gujrat (UoG) has published ‘Aloom-e-Tarjuma’ which is translation of a famous book titled ‘Translation Studies’ which is written by Susan Bassnett.

Susan Bassnett is a renowned author, linguist and scholar of translational studies. This book has been translated into Urdu by recognised diplomat and well-known author Tauheed Ahmad. The theme of the book deals with the basic issues of translation in different languages discussing the intellectual history of translation.

The translation of the book having an informal style attracts the reader. Vice Chancellor Dr Ziaul Qayyum has written its prologue while the Director Media and Publications Sheikh Abdul Rashid introduced the author, translator and purport of the book through its preface. The book has an acclaimed place in the realm of translation studies in the world and the translator of this book has told its story very well in his preamble. The intellectuals, authors and writers have appreciated the efforts of UoG for publishing Urdu translation of the valuable book.

The Nation, “Aloom-e-Tarjuma,” in The Nation, July 26, 2015. Accessed on July 26, 2015, at:

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