Remembering ghazal maestro Vithal Rao

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The Hans India

Pandit Vithal Rao was a famous maestro of ‘Ghazals’ and was the last court singer of the Last Nizam of Hyderabad. He was popular for singing Ghazals written by Hyderabad writers, in Urdu as well as Hindi. Recently the 85-year-old died at the Gandhi Hospital after he went missing at the Shirdi Temple.

In his honour, a commemoration meeting was organised by Mukta Telangana Mahila Adhyayana Vedhika in Sundarayya Vignana Kendram at Baghlingampally. In this meeting, Vithal’s disciples, relatives, friends, literature lovers, researchers and Ghazal lovers shared their attachment towards him.

Mukta Telangana Mahila Adhyayana Vedhika president K Vimala said “Vithal Rao was part of a lot of Ghazal shows around the world. To listen to his songs, the Nizam welcomed him with royal facilities. Whenever he performed at Ravindra Bharathi, the audience used to travel from far and wide to attend the concery.

He sang more than 1,000 ghazals without even looking at a book.” Vithal Rao’s disciple Rajanarsimha said, “He is a great human being. He respected every person. Conducting these types of meetings to remember the great Ghazal maestro is always good.” Andesri (poet), Ratnamala, Suresh Babu, Vasudha, Sanjay and Baburao were part of the programme.

The Hans India, “Remembering ghazal maestro Vithal Rao,” in The Hans India, July 13, 2015. Accessed on July 14, 2015, at:

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