Calligraphy paintings group show begins at Ejaz Art Gallery

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Daily Times

A group show of calligraphy paintings of seven artists kicked off on Wednesday at the Ejaz Art Gallery.

It is an annual event organised by Ejaz Art Gallery on the theme of calligraphy in the month of Ramazan to promote the art of calligraphy in order to highlight the work of country’s renowned calligraphers. A total of 40 paintings were on display. A number of people visited the show on the opening day, while well-known artists included Ibraheem Haneef Ramay, Salahuddin Michu, portrait painter Saeed Akhtar and other were present on the occasion also.

Michu, while talking to Daily Times, said that Zulfiqar Ali had made tremendous paintings in khat kufi. He said artists used the antique techniques of khat kufi and blended it with contemporary forms of calligraphy. He said in Europe and all over the Arab region, there was a great demand of this type of calligraphy being produced in Pakistan.

Calligrapher Noreen Akhtar said on the occasion that Arabic, the language of the holy Quran inspired her. “I use the Arabic alphabets in my artwork and it makes me feel an everlasting relation with this language, as it is the chosen language for all Muslims to pray in,” she said. Another artist MA Bukhari has been painting for over a decade and he has had a number of solos and group shows to his credit. His canvases combine calligraphy, colours, texture and cubism. His colours are vibrant and expressive and attract the viewer whether it is calligraphy or a seascape.

Amir Kamal is a calligraphist, who devoted his everything to Islamic calligraphy. He is one of Pakistan’s foremost calligraphers. He has worked in a number of calligraphic styles, including reproductions of texts from the holy Quran the hadith, traditional invocations and prayers and property.

His specialty is in the illumination of the traditional style of calligraphy using gold leaf. He mainly works on paper and wasli and recently, has started his traditional style on canvas.

Ali, from Habibabad, also while talking Daily Times, said that he had used khat kufi in his paintings but presented his painting in front of the visitor according to the contemporary type of calligraphy. He said the visitors could see a step-by-step complete history of calligraphy in his paintings.

Other artists whose calligraphy paintings were displayed were Shahid Rana, Ali and Jamshed Qaisar. The exhibition will continue until July 15.

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