Lahore Arts Council to focus on the quality of drama scripts

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Daily Times

LAHORE: “Lahore Arts Council (LAC) to improve the quality of theatre stage drama is uplifting the standard being set by drama scripts. Moreover, the talent in the young generation associated with theatre arts is unbeatable,” LAC Deputy Director Programmes Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi said.

“Our focus is on the script of the stage drama. To get unfair credit and response from the audience, artists sometimes use vulgar language. The LAC under their new policy will support the young generation who have tremendous talent and are very creative and who have produced some of the finest dramas in the recent history of theatre,” he said while talking to Daily Times.

Zulfi said further, “The reason behind is to present better stage dramas with well-equipped script in front of people in comparison to the traditional stage dramas catering to conventional mindsets. LAC is a platform where we want to allure stage dramas according to the appeal of modern and contemporary times.”

Zulfi said that the artists associated with stage dramas must be respected as this genre of performing arts is one of the most difficult and toughest. The audience responds immediately to the performance.

He said that previously, commercial theatre was given on 16 days after open auction but according to the revise policy of LAC from now onwards those theatre companies will be preferred, which have had experience in the field. He said it is not necessary to have at least 10 years of experience in the field, only purpose to impose new policy is to purify the once glorious theatre drama from vulgarity. He said that this new policy was decided in a meeting a few days ago chaired by LAC Executive Director Captain (r) Atta Muhammad Khan.

In the same manner, the LAC is going to hold a three-day ghazal festival after Eid, followed by a series of festivals, to support the dying art of ghazal in Pakistan. The purpose to hold such a festival is to support the genre of music, which is constantly on declining move in comparison to other genres of music such as pop. In the festival, both amateur and professional ghazal singers will perform. The dates will be finalised after once decided in the meeting to be chaired by the LAC chairman.

Daily Times, ” Lahore Arts Council to focus on the quality of drama scripts ,” in Daily Times, July 3, 2015. Accessed on July 9, 2015, at:

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