Short Stories: Kuch Aur by Dr Huma Mir

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Peerzada Salman

A collection of short stories titled Kuchh aur by Dr Huma Mir was launched at the Arts Council Karachi on Tuesday evening.

Writer Anwar Maqsood was the first speaker of the event. He said when he finished reading the book he realised that the stories in it were inspired by Dr Huma Mir’s poetry. To lend credence to his opinion, he pointed out that among the many subjects on which Mir wrote were the destruction of the city he loved, floods, society in disarray, etc, and Dr Huma Mir’s stories were about similar issues. He also quoted the following two lines by Mir:

Na milein go keh hijr mein mar jaen Aashiqon ka wisaal hai kuchh aur (Estranged, we leave this world Lovers meet in a different realm)

Dr Huma Mir’s father Prof Mir Hamid Ali said his daughter was a talented girl. Although she followed in his footsteps (he joined radio, so did she, he joined TV, so did she), her achievements were far more noteworthy than his, he added.

Former interior minister retired Lt-Gen Moinuddin Haider said Dr Huma Mir was a versatile individual because she dabbled in many fields (anchoring, acting, writing). He said when he read the book he found out that quite a few stories in them were about the sacrifices made by military men. This led him to ask the author whether any institution had asked her to pen the stories. He remarked that the book gave off a positive vibe, painting the true picture of society.

Actor Talat Husain said short stories were an important part of literature and fine arts (funoon-i-latifa). In order to create a work of art one had to have the curious spirit of a child, otherwise it would become difficult to put pen to paper. Concentrating more on technique, he argued, could affect the spontaneity of a story or any work of art. He said the tales that Dr Huma Mir had told were based on her remembrances (yaadein). Shedding light on her narrative style, he commented that the writer had used simple but effective diction. He remarked it was not big, difficult words that helped writers create quality literature, but true words (sachche alfaaz).

Scholar Dr Alia Imam lauded the fact that in these dark times where blood was being shed with impunity, launching a book was a good sign. She said literature was a weapon which could brighten up a bleak atmosphere. She also read a bit from the book.

Journalist Nazeer Laghari said in the last two decades the genre of short story had lost its way. It all began with Premchand and carried on with great works by the likes of Ghulam Abbas, but somehow the short story got off track. He remarked that Dr Huma Mir’s book could prove the foreword to great literature which she might herself write.

Earlier Ahmed Shah welcomed the guests. Dr Huma Mir conducted the programme.

Others who were present on the occasion to speak on the salient features of the book were Prof Sahar Ansari (who presided over the launch), Dr Aamir Liaquat (chief guest), Abdul Haseeb Khan, Kamal Ahmed Rizvi and Sardar Yasin Malik.

Peerzada Salman, “Short story collection Kuchh aur launched,” in Dawn, April 29, 2015. Accessed on April 29, 2015, at:

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