Literature Festival 2015 concludes today

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Daily Times

The three-day third Islamabad Literature Festival, arranged by Oxford University Press (OUP), is going to conclude today (Sunday).

OUP Managing Director Ameena Saiyid said the OUP is gathering avid readers, writers, academics, and literary figures from across Pakistan and the world for the second day of the 3rd Islamabad Literature Festival, which began on Friday at a hotel.

The second day of the festival commenced with a plenary session ‘Army Public School, Peshawar, Students and Teachers’ in conversation with Ayesha Mian and Ameena Saiyid. It was followed by ‘Power Failure: The Political Odyssey of a Pakistani Woman’ by Syeda Abida Hussain, moderated by Nasim Zehra; Witness ‘Kahani ka Safar’, Masood Ashar in conversation with Mustansar Hussain Tarar and ‘Tabeer ki Talash Mein’ by Rehan Alvi, moderated by Najeeba Arif.

Also ‘Midwifing the Masterpieces: Authors, Literary Agents, Publishers, and Booksellers’ moderated by Ameena Saiyid, was followed by ‘Art and the Market’ by Art Now and moderated by Quddus Mirza. The festival will continue with ‘Baat se Baat’ in conversation with Ataul Haq Qasmi, followed by ‘Full of Sound and Fury: Elections in Pakistan’ moderated by Rashed Rehman and ‘Winning the Pulitzer Prize’ in conversation with Paul Harding, followed by ‘Reading Art’ by Art Now moderated by Farida Batool.

Attendees will then be treated to ‘The Rights and Wrongs of Transgender Issues’ by Awaz, ‘News, Views, and Sensationalism’ moderated by Rashed Rehman, ‘Reading in Early Grades: Why it’s Important and What can be Done to Promote It?’ moderated by Sidra Iqbal, ‘New Faber Poet’ in conversation with Zaffar Kunial and ‘Educational Crisis and Reform: Perspectives from South Asia’ by Abbas Rashid and Irfan Muzaffar.

The celebrations will continue with ‘Yemen: Difficult Choices for Pakistan’ moderated by Aasim Sajjad Akhtar, ‘Author to Author’ with Mohammed Hanif, ‘A Women’s Jirga from Swat’ by Awaz and ‘The Matter of Moving Image’ by Art Now; ‘Politics: The Art of the Possible and Sometimes the Impossible’ moderated by Farhan Bokhari, ‘The Heart Breaks Free: Dramatic Readings of Ismat Chughtai’s Stories’ by Feryal Ali Gauhar, moderated by Ali Madeeha Hashmi, ‘Balochistan: Tareekh, Siyasat aur Hassaas Mehl e Waqoo’ moderated by Mujahid Barelvi and ’Art, Culture & IT’ by Art now.

Patrons will enjoy the ‘Intoxicated with Love’ book launch; ‘Bulleh Shah: A Selection’ rendered in English verse by Taufiq Rafat, moderated by Shahid Nadeem; ‘Teaching More or Better?’ moderated by Baela Raza Jamil, ‘The poet looks eastward’.

In conversation with Athar Tahir and ‘Masculinity, Sexuality, and Illegal Migration: Human Smuggling from Pakistan to Europe’ by Ali Nobil Ahmad. Followed by a Musha’ira, Nizamat by Najeeba Arif. The Islamabad Literature Festival is free and open to all. The co-founders, Ameena Saiyid and Asif Farrukhi, have invited the people of the twin cities to attend the festival and join in the festival.

Daily Times, ” Literature Festival 2015 concludes today ,” in Daily Times, April 26, 2015. Accessed on April 26, 2015, at:

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