Novel Jaagay hain khwaab by Akhtar Raza Saleemi

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The launching ceremony of renowned poet and writer Aktar Raza Saleemi’s maiden novel ‘Jaagy Hein Khawab Mein’ organised by ‘Inheraaf’ and ‘Idara Adab-o-Saqafat’ was held at Pakistan Academy of Letters, says a press release.

The famous writer and critic Dr. Iqbal Afaqi in his speech termed the Saleemi’s novel as a useful addition in the Urdu literature. He added that the content and craft of the novel is another milestone in the tradition of Urdu novels. He said that the quality of novel is the historical play at its apex between the fact and illusion. The remnants of human unconscious identify themselves in a different way. The added value of the novel is 1001 unique titles which are sketched by the prominent painter Wasi Haider for the edition. Other than huge audience including renowned poets, writers from the twin cities and across Pakistan, the ceremony was attended by Jamal Shah, distinguished painter and actor, as special guest, Prof. Dr Muhammad Qasim Bughio, Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) and Malik Mehrban Ali, political advisor to AJK Prime Minister.

During the ceremony Muhammed Hameed Shahid, Dr. Waheed Ahmed, Dr. Salah ud din Darwesh, Dr Saeed Ahmed and Zia ul Mustaf Turk have expressed their views about the novel and its titles. Jamal Shah inaugurated the exhibition of the titles prior to the launching ceremony. He said that Wasi Haider has indeed done a unique and artistic task by sketching a different title for every book of the edition. He further said that every titular painting has a typical impression that is of a profound dream and is in harmony with the content of novel. Athar Zia, a renowned singer, vocalized the poem “Haro” that is also a part of the novel.

Prof. Dr Qasim Bughio, Chairman PAL said that Saleemi is an asset of academy and he always carries creative explorations along with attending to his office, vigilantly. He said that a novel is the mirror of whole society, writing it is a demanding task and Saleemi has successfully accomplished it. Malik Merhban Ali said that the poets, writers and artists are the most sensitive segment of the society. They represent society in their art as they observe it and Saleemi’s contribution deserves admiration. Dr. Waheed Ahmed said that it is an unconventional narrative and the author has raised such questions that are there in everyone’s mind but no one dares to explore them before. Dr. Salah ud Din Darwesh said that the plot of novel is compact and lively. Dr. Saeed Ahmed said that it’s the craft of Saleemi that enabled him to express the mystery and inwardness of life through the character of Zamaan.

The News, ” Saleemi’s novel adds values to Urdu literature ,” in The News, April 12, 2015. Accessed on April 12, 2015, at:

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