Beauty of Urdu resonates in the Sanskrit university

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Koilandy (Kerala): ‘Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna teri …’ the famous Urdu poem by Iqbal was heard at a Sanskrit University premises.

The beautiful rendition of the poem – actually a prayer – marked the start of an almost lyrical seminar programme ‘Ilm al bayan aur Ilm al kalam’ (Rhetoric & Prosody), the two-day seminar on Urdu Literature at the Sri Sankaracharya Sanskrit University here.

The seminiar, co-ordinated by Dr Ataullah Khan Cenjary, was held on March 28 and 29, a release said here.

The programme was presided over by Dr V N Unni, the director of Sri Sankaracharya Sanskrit University Regional Centre. Chief guests were Dr Muzaffar Ali Shahmiri, HoD, Hyderabad Central University, Hyderabad, and Nisar Ahmed Syed, freelance Visiting Faculty, Pune.

The programme was inaugurated by Syed, who, in his inaugural speech, appreciated the efforts of the University and indicated the unity in diversity of the Indian social fabric. He also asked the audience to study Vedic and Quranic literature to bring the essence of universal citizenship.

The programme then started with a beautiful recitation of a prayer by a group of students. They sung the dua ‘Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri’.

Dr Unni, in his presidential speech, appreciated the beauty of language by comparing Sanskrit, Arabic and Urdu languages. Dr Shahmiri gave a detailed note on the cultural beauty of Urdu language.

Dr Nakulan, head of the Department of Urdu, said flourishing of Urdu language is entirely dependent on the policies of the Kerala government and appreciated the government for extending help to develop Urdu language in Kerala.

As part of one of the sessions at the seminar, Dr Shahmiri delivered a comprehensive lecture on rhetoric i.e. Ilm al bayan or Ilm al kalam. He conducted an interactive session to convey his lecture. “Nisar Ahmed spoke on the topic Ilm al arooz and delivered an innovative method to understand the Arooz or prosody,” the release said, adding, “The Ilm al arooz (prosody) which was treated as a difficult study was presented in a very simple comprehensive and in a modern method.”

Appreciating the innovative methods adopted by Ahmed to comprehend Ilm al Arooz or prosody, Dr Shahmiri, Dr Nakulan, Dr Khan and Dr Ghaffar also said that Sri Sankaracharya University is ready to render its best support to publish Ahmed’s innovative method to understand Arooz, the release said.

On the second day, Ahmed even conducted a workshop on Urdu Wikipedia for the Urdu students of Kerala.

Dr Sayeeduddin, assistant professor of Urdu, Islamia College, Vaniyambadi, Tamil Nadu; Dr Shareef, Dr Hayath Basha, assistant professor, Regional Campus, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Mallappuram; Dr Ziaur Rahman Madani, assistant professor, Santhapuram, Kerala; Dr Saleem, assistant professor, Feroke College, Calicut; and Shakeela, assistant professor, Government Degree College, Mallappuram, presented their papers and speeches.

Sabita Mozhikal, Sameena Bi, assistant professor, Government Brennen College, Thelessary, Urdu students from Mallappuram, Thallessary, Manjery, Badagara and SSS University students were among those who participated at the seminar. Earlier, Dr Ataullah Khan Kak Cenjary gave the welcome address, the release added.

Two Circles, “Beauty of Urdu resonates in the Sanskrit university,” in Two Circles, April 1, 2015. Accessed on April 1, 2015, at:

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