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Unless Hindus and Muslims linked their destinies together and respected beliefs of each other, the country would not prosper, said Governor O P Kohli giving example of Urdu and Hindi languages which he said were incomplete without each other.

He inaugurated a seminar on the life and works of Dr Mohammed Iqbal and prose writer late Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqui here on Sunday.

The Governor said it was the power of India’s ancient culture that it survived till date while other world civilisations were consigned to libraries, a fact which Dr Iqbal had highlighted in his works.

“In the current times, it is painful to see that Persian and Urdu languages are on way to oblivion which would be a great loss to Indian culture,” he said adding, Urdu was a beautiful flower in the bouquet of Indian culture.

Kohli, who had led a union of teachers of Delhi University in New Delhi in the past, fondly remembered old days and associates.

Invoking Iqbal, he said he and Iqbal shared same motherland, Sialkot, for which he still considered himself fortunate because it was Iqbal who penned the unique lyric, Sare Jahan se Achchha Hindostan Hamara.

“A poet may have written a lot in his life time but he becomes famous for any one creation and, in Iqbal’s case it is Sara Jahan se…,” he said adding, if one wanted to understand one’s self, one must understand Iqbal who awakened India’s national conscience.

On prof Siddiqui, he said the great prose writer was true lover of Aligarh and all that represented Aligarh. “In his refreshing prose, Aligarh can be seen peeping from anywhere in many ways,” he said.

On the occasion, Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) — Zafar Sareshwala — laid stress on linking education with “employability”.

The event was organised under the aegis of Shams group of Schools run by Haji Nurul Hasan Master Charitable Trust and supported by the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language and Ministry of Human Resources Development, New Delhi.

The participants were mostly from Delhi University like prof Abdul Haq, Dr Sarfaraz Javed, Dr Abu Bakar Abbad, Dr Imtiyaz Ahmed. Other speakers included Shafi Maniar, Shams Group president and Mushtaq Ahmed Khan founder of the group.

Indian Express, “‘Hindus & Muslims should respect each other’s beliefs’,” in Indian Express, March 30, 2015. Accessed on March 30, 2015, at:

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